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Imitation toys make you grow

Imitation toys make you grow

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Your child asks for a gift (mini) iron, a garage? "So much the better!" Answers Fabienne-Agnès Lévine, educational psychologist. Imitation toys are a real plus for the development of the child.

An imitation toy, quèsaco?

  • As its name suggests, the imitation toy allows your child to pretend. To imitate you. But first, it's a manipulative toy. Your child "tinkers", builds, classifies ... Then, he realizes that the dinette with which he plays serves to concoct a good soup and he says to himself: "Oh yes, to do that, we cut the vegetables, we put them in the pot ... "He organizes his thought and puts into action the events of daily life. In order to assimilate these gestures, he develops real stagings. He tells himself a story, which of course reproduces the gestures he has seen. Give food to his dolls, bedding his stuffed animals ... your child discovers the surrounding world by reproducing his own needs, his personal experience.

Girl or boy ?

  • "The risk with household accessories," says a mother, "is that by offering them to my daughter, she can think that only girls should clean the house." False, retort psychologists, the domestic universe is not at all reserved for the fairer sex. The boys also have a lot of fun with an iron or a mini ironing board. As girls can find fun playing with a garage! We also know very well that it's not because boys play a lot with guns or rifles that they will become military or police! The opposite is also true. It would be a shame to deprive ourselves of it because it is sexist.

Physical development too

  • With imitation games, your child reproduces gestures that require mastery of balance and coordination of movements. Not easy to give food to his teddy bear without making anything fall!

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