Issues to ban during pregnancy

Issues to ban during pregnancy

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Pregnant, your companion is on edge. If you want to stay alive, avoid talking to her about the following topics until your child is born (and maybe even after!).

"Do not you move a little too much?"

  • Admittedly, you are touching with your father dad's looks before the hour. But your sweet needs to go out, take a shower, go shopping (not supermarket, okay!) ... In short, to live normally, without being constantly reminded that she is pregnant. Pregnancy is not a disease!

"Can you ask mammman for advice?"

  • Of course she thinks she's nice, her stepmother, but admit that with her airs of "I know everything, I gave birth to five children!", She can also annoy. Do not get upset if your girlfriend turns to her mammom. And if she continues to do it after giving birth. Which does not mean that she will put your mother aside, no, especially if she stays in her place. It's up to you to put a stop in case of overflowing, one or the other, for that matter!

"Uh, you would not budge there?"

  • Since her face as well as her shoulders play "acne, return", she is demoralized. Instead of pointing out what she has already seen in her mirror, reassure her. Tell her that some expectant mothers have a tendency to experience acne-like blemishes during pregnancy, as progesterone activity increases sebaceous activity. Certainly, she can say thanks to hormones!
  • Suggest that you go to a dermatologist because, in principle, a local treatment should overcome these nasty buttons.

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