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Your baby's bed, an important purchase! Before you start, check out our selection of baby beds. You will surely find a model that you like.

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Selection updated on December 5, 2017

Cribs: the selection (14 pics)

Cradle Home Stokke

Measuring only 50 cm wide, it is extremely practical to use, even in the smallest rooms. Home Stokke Gray Mist Cradle gently rocks to lull your baby to sleep. The soft, lightweight bassinet textiles provide your baby with excellent air circulation and a cozy environment to rest, sleep and dream: € 298.99. Where to find it?

Cradle BabyBjörn

Real cocoon soft and comfortable, here is a light cradle easy to move from parents' room to that of baby without waking him. If baby wakes up, his own movements will trigger gentle swings that will reassure and sleep peacefully. Its mesh mesh fabric and its height allow to always have a close eye on baby. Usable from birth up to 6 months (maximum weight 8 kg): 319,90 €. Where to find it?

Bed Cot Cambrass

We love his line and his practical side! It evolves with your child and turns into an office simply by turning it over!
This bed is ultra light thanks to its steel structure. Its dimensions: 100 x 134 cm. Several colors to choose from.
620 € (Bed Be Cot of Cambrass).

Where to find it?

Micuna Olimpia Evolutionary Bed

This baby crib with clean lines, scalable and ecological, will follow your baby from birth to 4/5 years. With 4 wheels with brakes, it moves easily. Its mobile side barrier, once removed, offers the child the opportunity to go to bed and get up on his own, an excellent learning before moving to a bed "large": 490 €. Where to find it?

Gonatt Ikea baby bed

Small price but effective! It offers two sommier heights and one side pulls out when your child grows up. Its dimensions: 60 x 120 cm.

159 € (Gonatt Ikea baby bed).

Where to find it?

FDTC Diabolo baby crib

We love its design with rounded and soft shapes and its color! The mattress (120 x 60 cm) is sold separately. For babies from 0 to 3 years old.
249 € (Diabolo baby bed from FDTC).

Where to find it?

Leander evolutionary bed

A high price, but this scalable Scandinavian wood bed will follow your child up to 8 years! It offers 4 configurations: baby crib with mattress in high position from 0 to 5 months, low position from 5 months to 2 years, bench bed up to 3 years, then junior bed afterwards.

1099 €.

Where to find it?

Cradle Sleepi mini from Stokke

Too reassuring, this oval shape that offers a cozy universe to baby. Coming from Norway, it adapts to the age of your child up to 10 years old. We can add sides, remove one of the sides, adjust the height of the bed base ... 399 € (Sleepi mini Stokke).
Where to find it?

Marie-Sofie baby crib by Quax

This beautifully designed bed will bring a touch of modernity to your child's room and accompany it from 0 to 3 years.
191 €, box spring included, adjustable in 2 heights (Cot Joy de Quax).

Where to find it?

Flexa Play bed

This evolutive bed made of wood from eco-managed forest offers a bed frame adjustable on 3 levels to easily turn into a crib. We like the perforated bed base to ventilate the mattress. Well thought out, this cot has no sharp edges: 4 07 €. Where to find it?

Sundvic Ikea bed

A classic at a low price! In solid beech, it offers 2 heights of sommier. One side of the bed can be removed when your child is growing up and starts climbing to get in and out of bed.
Its dimensions: 60 x 120 cm
99 €. (Sundvic Ikea bed).

Where to find it?

Vertbaudet Cloud Bed

A charming crib with adjustable bed base in 3 positions for the comfort of your back: 219 €. Where to find it?

Camille baby bed by Moulin Roty

Scalable, this baby bed offers an adjustable bed base on 3 dimensions and its sides are fixed for a maximum of security. Its dimensions: 123 x 89 x 68 cm. It is sold with an optional drawer that can slide underneath.

271 € (Camille baby bed from Moulin Roty).

Where to find it?

Cradle Chicco Next2Me

An evolutionary cradle to sleep side by side with baby thanks to its safety straps that attach to the parental bed. Then, the side provided with a net mesh window can be raised and the cradle can gradually be used independently: 219 €. Several colors to choose from. More informations


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