The cigarette, why stop

The cigarette, why stop

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Want to have a baby or already pregnant ... Take advantage of this extraordinary motivation that is a child and our advice to crush the ders!

Smoking harms fertility and affects the course of pregnancy

  • If you smoke, you will take twice as long as a non-smoker to become pregnant. But when you stop smoking, everything will return to normal. It is not uncommon to see women begin a pregnancy in the months after stopping smoking.

On the other hand, the specific complications related to smoking during these nine months remain more unclear. Yet the risks of obstetric accidents are real and can be summed up in numbers:

  • On average, 3 times more miscarriagesor 5 times more for a woman who smokes more than 30 cigarettes a day in early pregnancy.
  • 2 times more cases of ectopic pregnancies.
  • More frequent premature births : 3 times more risk of rupture of membranes before 34 weeks of amenorrhea.

Tobacco harms the healthy development of the fetus

  • The fetus receives its oxygen by the blood of his mother. But when the mother smokes, he receives less. With each cigarette, the maternal blood is charged with carbon monoxide, a particularly toxic gas that passes into the bloodstream and attaches to red blood cells instead of oxygen.
  • Nicotine has a vasoconstrictive effect on the arteries of the placenta and on the umbilical artery, which causes a reduction in blood flow. Not to mention the "cut hunger" effect of the cigarette ... it is not good for your baby that you eat little.

So many factors responsible for stunting the baby, which can weigh 300 to 400 g less at birth. This weight deficit can cause additional problems if it is born premature, which is remembered more often when the mother smokes.

The health of baby smokers is more fragile

  • Studies show that maternal smoking increases the risk of sudden infant death."This does not mean that smoking is the cause of sudden death, but that the risk is higher," says Anne Borgne. In addition, tobacco smoke increases the risk of asthma in children, worsens symptoms and is also involved in allergic phenomena.
    • The problem does not stop at toddlers. There is evidence that a teenager smokes 2 to 4 times more often when exposed to smoking during his mother's pregnancy.

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