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Circumcision: how is it?

Circumcision: how is it?

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Circumcision is an act of removing the foreskin, the small piece of skin that covers the glans, the tip of the penis. The explanations of Dr. Aurel Messas, surgeon-urologist *, head of the urology department at the Max Fourestier Hospital in Nanterre.

Why, circumcision?

There are two types of circumcisions:

  • Ritual Circumcision which is practiced for customary or ethnic or religious reasons, as is the case in the Jewish religion and the Muslim religion.
  • Medical circumcision which may be indicated in cases of phimosis - when the ring of the foreskin, skin that covers the glans becomes too narrow - but also during balanites (infections of the glans) or even urinary tract infections.
  • If your child has to undergo this procedure, it is essential to explain to him that this is a positive act of reparation and not an act of amputation! He is not going to have the tip of his "zizi" cut. On the contrary, this intervention will allow his zizi to breathe and not to hurt anymore. Or, she will allow him to have the same zizi as his dad.

Where and how to practice circumcision?

  • Some doctors offer to practice in their office in town, anesthetizing locally with an ointment (Emla). However, circumcision is a surgical procedure that requires essential conditions of hygiene and asepsis that only an operating room can provide.
  • Moreover, it is now proven that children feel the pain and memorize it. A traumatic memory of pain may be a problem for them in their future lives.
  • It is therefore recommended to practice circumcision in the operating room and under general anesthesia, in a structure (hospital or clinic) that is used to take care of children.
  • The child is asleep first in the mask, anesthesia which is completed by the venous route.
  • The surgeon proceeds to ablation of the foreskin with the scalpel and suture with resorbable son that will disappear a few days after the intervention.

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