Your child 5-11 years

Max and the Maximonstres

From 6 years old, your child will identify with this turbulent little boy who becomes the king of a band of monsters! A fable full of strength to evoke childhood ... to enjoy with family.

What is it about ?

  • Max is 9 years old. He is full of life. He would like to attract the attention of his big brother and be the only love of his mother. Max feels misunderstood. One night, he commits the irreparable: he bites his mother ... and flees, far, far ... to the country of the Maximonstres, terrifying creatures with unexpected reactions. Max is crowned king! He orders fights, parties galore, etc. But it's not so easy to govern! The Maximonstres also have sometimes violent feelings ...

What your child will love

  • To find oneself in all these emotions. Your child, too, sometimes wants to bite, to bite! Here is a film that speaks (without giving lessons!) Of what he feels: boredom, fear, jealousy, love, anger ... Through this journey of initiation that is childhood, Max learns to negotiate, to put oneself in the other's shoes. He grows up and better controls his emotions as in this very beautiful scene at the end of the film where he finds his mother: rather than rebelling this time again, he sketches a smile ...
  • The Maximonstres. They are hideous, in turn violent, funny, tender, irresponsible ... sometimes like your little monster to you! More than a film for children, it is a film about childhood with all that characterizes it: its energy, its need for space, its joy, its funny, and especially this imaginary ... monstrous!
  • Max and the Maximonstres, by Spike Jonze. Duration: 1 h 40. From 6 years old.
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Max and the Maximonstres: a bestseller to reread

From the age of 4, read and re-read this immense classic of kindergartens which caused a scandal when it was released in 1963 because it gives right to the revolt of the child! As in the movie, Max chases the nonsense and is sent to his room. Furious, he closes his eyes and imagines joining an imaginary world ... Max and the Maximonstres, by Maurice Sendak, € 10.40.

Agnes Barboux