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Antipyretic medication: the right choice

Antipyretic medication: the right choice

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Your toddler is feverish and wondering which drug to use to lower his temperature ... bet on paracetamol. And think about the remedies of grandmothers.

  • If your little feverish is in bad shape and you have to lower the temperature, you have to choose the right medicine. Aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol? These three molecules are also effective ... but it is clearly paracetamol that the French Society of Pediatrics recommends. For even more efficiency, can we associate it with ibuprofen? No, again specialists prefer paracetamol alone. Finished the time when it was advisable in case of episode of high fever to alternate every three hours of Doliprane and Advil.

The reasons for distrust

  • We can understand some caution vis-à-vis aspirin, anticoagulant well known and likely in some cases to promote hemorrhages. But what about ibuprofen, why this reluctance to use it? Several studies have shown that the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), including ibuprofen, in cases of pharyngitis, tonsillitis and ear infections, may lead to an increase in serious complications (such as abscess) and promote the spread of the infection.
  • Boring ... There is obviously no question of demonizing ibuprofen: it is an excellent molecule, especially for treating migraines. But in the case of an ENT infection, it is better to do without it.

Grandma's remedies, they have good

  • There are all sorts of "tricks" other than syrups and tablets to overcome a fever recalcitrant: it would be a shame to neglect, they have proven themselves for a long time!
  • First, be careful not to dress your little patient too much and to remove the excess layers of clothing. Do not overheat your house or apartment: it is not because it shivers that it must be kept in an oven, it will only maintain the process of body heat.
  • Apply a bag of ice cubes wrapped in a cloth at the root of the thighs, at the groin to reach the femoral artery at high flow: cool the blood that passes to this place is to act on the entire circulation.
  • Lastly, think of having the little patient drink regularly, in larger quantities than usual: the fever can dehydrate and thus maintain a physical discomfort.

Isabelle Gravillon