Month 4 in utero: he trains to breathe

Month 4 in utero: he trains to breathe

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This 4th month marks the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy. If it's your first baby, do not be impatient: your belly should finally be round! It must be said that in the hollow of your uterus, your toddler continues his growth gaillardement: to 4 months, expect that it measures more than 15 cm and weighs 200 g.


As the abdomen has grown considerably, your baby's head looks less disproportionate to the rest of the body than in the first trimester. If it no longer has the shape of a shrimp, your toddler has the color on the other hand!

  • Its skin, very transparent because still devoid of keratin, lets see the network of blood vessels, hence this color pulling red.
  • Inside the veins and arteries, the blood flows at a very fast pace, driven by the heartbeat of your baby. Its pulsations, at a rate of 180 per minute, are three times faster than those of an adult.
  • The first hair starts to grow on his little skull. His tiny body is slender: no trace of fatness or fat!
  • His limbs are harmoniously folded, his face has become a small figure with a nose and chin well drawn.

General repetition

Your future baby now has pseudo-respiratory movements: he raises and lowers quickly his small chest, bringing amniotic fluid into his lungs.

  • What is the point of these reflex movements, when the respiratory system can only work in the open air? Maybe it's a kind of dress rehearsal. At least, when the time comes, he will be able to breathe! Not to mention that immersing his bronchioles, it prevents their walls adhere to each other, and it facilitates their development.
  • Another reflex movement that we can observe: sucking. When the thumb comes into contact with the lips, it can trigger a feeding reflex. In general very fleeting.

The video of his 4th month.

Isabelle Gravillon with Marie-Josèphe Wolff-Quenot, embryologist at the Faculty of Medicine in Strasbourg.

The 5th month in utero.


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