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We plant vegetables!

We plant vegetables!

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And if you enjoyed the beautiful days to do some small planting with your apprentice gardener! Tomatoes, zucchini, aromatic plants ... he will love taking care of his mini-vegetable garden. Our advices.

What do you need to plant vegetables?

  • An apron, boots for the garden, a watering can, a small shovel, a rake, a water spray, some stakes (for beans, for example), pots of all kinds, pebbles to ensure drainage, potting soil and seeds! On the way to the local garden center: Truffaut, Castorama, etc.

What's the plant?

  • Tomato seeds, beans, onions, zucchini, carrots, eggplants and why not some herbs ... mint, for example, that smells so good and grows so fast!

Where do we plant?

  • Where it's snug, with sunshine and not too much wind. In a garden corner, a small tank, some pebbles in the bottom and soil. And if you really have nothing at hand, a jar of yogurt and even egg cans will do!

An example ? Eggplant is so good!

  • Two seeds ofeggplant in the small pot of yogurt filled with potting soil and cover with about 1 cm of potting soil. We moisten the earth well and hop on the windowsill ... After germination, we keep only the most beautiful shoot, history that it has room to develop.
  • When she is beautiful and tallWe gently unearth it and transplant it to a larger pot or better, in the garden where you have dedicated 1 m2 to your child's plants! Although the ideal is of course to plant several feet that will each give 5 to 10 aubergines in the season!

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