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Little mouse

Little mouse

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See Santa Claus ... it's Little Mouse's dream. Will she realize it? Discover quickly this Christmas story written by Stéphane Daniel and told by Pierre Richard. Let's go to meet Little Mouse and his friends from the farm ...

  • - Pfff! Me, I've never seen Santa! said Little Mouse sadly.
  • - Listen! said Little Rabbit. Tonight we will try to see it! You do not mind ?
  • - Oh ! Yes ! Little Mouse answers, wriggling mustaches. But how ?
  • - Trust me ! he answers. Little Rabbit immediately goes in search of some accomplices. In the farmyard he finds the four sisters Poulette and Petit Chien.
  • - Will you help me please Little Mouse? Little Bunny shows them his plan ... In the evening, he knocks on Little Mouse's door.
  • - Come quickly, he whispered, I think I heard the noise there! He pulls him behind an embankment.
  • - You were right ! she exclaims soon, her eyes wide. I see Santa Claus!
  • Crossing the meadow, in the distance, Little Dog, all dressed in red, drives a shoebox pulled by the Pullet. The four sisters have set dead wood branches on their heads to look like reindeer.
  • - It's weird, I feel like I know everyone, said Little Mouse. I feel like going to see more closely! She gets up but freezes immediately. A few steps away from her, without a sound, Santa's real sleigh has just landed on the meadow.
  • - Merry Christmas to everyone ! greet them Santa Claus. He places gifts on a tree trunk and then goes back in his sleigh. Little Mouse, Little Rabbit and their friends watch him take off, amazed.
  • - Did you see that ? said Little Dog.
  • - But ... said Little Mouse laughing, what are you doing with these disguises?

By Stéphane Daniel.

I listen to the story told by Pierre Richard.

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