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Wear baby in a sling

Wear baby in a sling

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On the front, in the back or on the side ... the melee wrap in a sling creates a privileged and reassuring bond for your baby. You are tempted by this mode of portage and want to learn the good gestures? Watch our videos

Wearing a sling on your stomach

This is an ideal position for your baby from birth. How to make this cocoon cocoon very safely? Stéphanie Croguennec, host of portering workshops, shows you the good gestures according to the technique of the crossed wrapped. It's up to you to try and adopt!

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Carrying scarf in the back

Tempted by this mode of portering, you wonder how? Follow us to a portage workshop led by Stéphanie Croguennec at the Poussette Café. She reveals to you the art and the way of wearing your baby in a sling according to the dorsal kangaroo technique. To your scarf to train you!

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Wearing a scarf on the side

Straddling your hip, your baby will have a breathtaking view of the world. How to install it in his scarf? Stéphanie Croguennec, host of Poussette Café babywearing workshops, shows you the good gestures of wearing in a sling according to the dorsal kangaroo technique. Let's go !

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Portage in a sling: good to know

• At what age ? The ventral wrap can be used from birth. It ideally respects the morphology of the back of the baby, provided it is installed high (above the wearer's navel), knees slightly above his hips, and back to the head.

Assets. This hand-to-hand portage creates a privileged and very reassuring link. For the wearer, comfort is also optimal. Finally, there are many ways to use the scarf depending on the age of the child and your preferences.

Qushe scarves? There are first age knit scarves, easier to use with a toddler. The classic scarf is a cross-woven cotton twill tape, 5.20 m long. This weave gives it robustness and elasticity: essential conditions for comfort and safety.

Which positions? Carrying on your stomach, your baby facing the road, is not advisable: the crotch of the child is too stressed and his back is not maintained adequately. Better to wear the back, but it requires a little training.