Why does my (mother) mother annoy me?

Before your pregnancy, the relationship with your mother (or stepmother) may not always be idyllic. But since you're pregnant, we can say that it really gets on your nerves! But why is it so annoying?

Because your hormones ruin your life

  • In early pregnancy, do not be surprised to have frequent mood swings. They are largely due to hormonal upheavals.
  • But the doubts and worries, that all the future mothers know, also play a role ("What am I still embarking on, can I really manage?"). As a result, you are euphoric about having a baby, but the next, you can get upset at the slightest bit. Or you cry. Or both. Which will not stop you from laughing out loud at a joke (not even funny), half an hour later ...
  • If this is your case, surely your mother or mother-in-law will not get on your nerves. There is also your husband, your co-worker, your caretaker, your best friend ... The good news? In general, mood swings cease as early as the second trimester of pregnancy.

Because she knows everything better than you (according to her)

  • Sure, she already had a child. You know about it ... Is this reason enough to interfere permanently in your life and knock you down with recommendations of all kinds?
  • If your opinions diverge, it's even worse because it stands on its positions and strongly insists that you give up the "senseless idea" of feeding baby bottle or that you give him the name ("awful") of his rear -Grand-mother…
  • Certainly, she has no bad intentions: in a way, she relives her own pregnancy through you and seeks to share her experience. But frankly, it becomes heavy to bear ...
  • The right attitude? Try to make him understand diplomatically that your choices are only for you and do not have to be judged.

Because your pregnancy wakes up old conflicts

  • It is far from systematic, but sometimes pregnancy revives old tensions and rivalries, often going back to childhood or adolescence. This may possibly explain why your mother is angry at you since you were pregnant ...
  • If necessary, do not hesitate to talk to the maternity psychologist: it can help you better understand the origins of conflict, to overcome it and to have a more serene relationship with your mother until the birth of baby.

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