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Trial period: how does it work?

Trial period: how does it work?

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That's it ! You have found a maternal assistant for your child. Before you make a final commitment, there is a trial period, lasting two or three months, depending on the number of days of care in the week. The details.

Why a trial period?

  • Like any employer - and any employee - you are entitled to a trial period that allows you - or not - to confirm that you have chosen the right person to look after your child. Problems of schedules, current that does not really go, lack of seriousness ... during this period, it is possible to break the commitment made without a particular procedure. Your maternal assistant can also decide not to continue her mission near you.

What is the duration of the trial period?

  • For a guard of 1 to 3 days a week: 3 months maximum.
  • For a guard of 4 days and more per week: 2 months maximum.
  • This trial period includes the child's period of adjustment, which may last up to 1 month.

What formalities?

If you decide to break the engagement with your maternal assistant during the trial period, you must provide:

  • a payslip
  • a Pôle emploi certificate (eg Assedic) so that it can assert its rights to unemployment insurance
  • a certificate stating the date of the beginning and end of the contract and the nature of the employment
  • a breaking letter.

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