Name Adelphine - Meaning of thumbs

Name Adelphine - Meaning of thumbs

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The name Adelphine exists since ancient times. Some attribute to him an origin of the Greek "adelphos" (brother), while others associate it with the name of the famous Greek metropolis, Delphi. The roots of Adelphine also come from the Greek and Latin terms, "delfis" and "delfinus", both of which refer to a dolphin. Adelphine was a very common name in the Middle Ages before disappearing little by little. From 1970 to 1980, this name came back in grace, slightly modified in Delphine.


Delphine Arnault, French businesswoman, Delphine Chanéac, French actress ("Brice de Nice"), Delphine Horvilleur, French journalist, Delphine de Vigan, French novelist and director, Delphine Rich, French actress, Delphine seyrig, French actress ...
Sainte Delphine, wife of Elzéar de Sabran, lived in the 14th century. Following the death of her husband, Sainte Delphine approached Queen Sancia in Naples. At the request of the Queen's brother, Philip of Majorca, Delphine pronounced her vows of poverty and lived in simplicity until 1360, the year of her death.

His character :

Direct, independent and spontaneous, Adelphine expresses the depth of her thought without taking gloves. She does not like going through four paths, nor complications and acts without procrastination. Adelphine is also very empathetic and is sensitive to the misfortunes of others. Feminist at heart, this woman blooms out of the shadow of men and fights against inequality between men and women. Although she is sometimes authoritarian, Adelphine does not fail to bring joy and good humor wherever she is and forges strong ties with her family.


Delphina, Delphi, Delfina, Delfia and Dauphine.

His party :

Wish a good Adelphine celebration on November 26th. This date is dedicated to Saint Delphine.

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