First Name - Meaning and direction

First Name - Meaning and direction

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Courts, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

This is a sweet name that means "crown of trees in Hebrew" and also "prince" in Arabic. It was the title given to Muslim caliphs and princes at the top.


Amir Abdelhamid, Egyptian international footballer, Amir Ben Abdelmoumen, Belgian actor and model, Amir Gutfreund, Israeli writer, Amir Karaoui, Algerian international footballer, Amir Naderi, Iranian director and Amir Weintraub, Israeli tennis player.

His character :

The little boy Amir has a fever and carbide to passion. If he was born in May, he will soon get his idea of ​​life and will demonstrate a great power of persuasion. On the other hand, if he is born in April or September, Amir will be more calm and inclined to dream. This is not a flaw, as it could give him great creativity. This is why an artistic activity is encouraged. Amir's creativity will then express itself in a positive form. Art is also an area to develop as Amir is passionate or dreamer. Amir is also characterized by a strong need for security. He needs to feel that his parents and loved ones care about him. He will have the resources to start his life well. Ambitious, Amir will not be confined to a role of second, he will exceed his limits to be the best. If he likes recognition, Amir hates flattery. Responsible, this boy also deserves your trust.


Amyr, Amire and Hamir

His party :

May 18th is especially dedicated to Amir.

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