Name Athanase - Meaning of Children

Name Athanase - Meaning of Children

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Meaning of the name:

The name Athanase derives from the Greek word "athanatos" or "athanos" which means "immortal".


Athanasius of Alexandria, nicknamed the Great, is an emblematic figure of ancient Christianity. He is called by the Coptic Orthodox Church "Apostolic". Some Orthodox churches consider him one of the four great doctors of the Church.
Athanase Coquerel, French pastor and writer, Athanase Nikitin, Russian writer, merchant and explorer, famous for being the first European to visit India by land, Athanasius Kircher, German Jesuit, Orientalist and graphologist considered one of the scientists the most talented of the Baroque era, Athanase Matenda Kyelu, Congolese politician.
The name Athanase is generally associated with Saint Athanasius, patriarch of Alexandria and contemporary of the fourth century, who has participated enormously in the elaboration of Christian dogma.

His character :

Athanase is a name that has become quite rare today. It is often worn by a person with explosive and dynamic temperament. He is known for his strong head and his emotions, associated with a certain impulsiveness. Athanase is thus a person with defined values. In fact, he believes in exemplary morality and sincere truth. Athanase also attaches great importance to friendship while remaining lucid. Concerning his emotions, Athanasius is sensitive to the opinions of others who can awaken his impulsive and explosive side. He also has a great desire to accomplish many things at once.


Athanasia, Athenian, Athena,

His party :

The name Athanase is celebrated on the date of May 2nd of each year.

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