Brice pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Brice pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Celts, French

Meaning of the name:

From the adjective Gaulish brictio, "spotted", which gave Brizh in Breton.


The film Brice de Nice has given a boost to this name.

French rugby player Brice Dulin, French-born political scientist Brice Teinturier or French actor Brice Ournac.

Disciple of St. Martin, Bishop of Tours, St. Brice was quick to insult his master and, become a priest, led a life of debauchery. Nevertheless, the benevolent St. Martin appointed him to succeed him. After a trip to Rome, Saint Brice repented and built the Basilica of Saint Martin in Tours. He died in 444.

His character :

Brice is dynamic and bursting with energy. Of an independent nature, he refuses any form of constraint and prefers to act as he pleases. Always in a hurry, he is able to adapt to all situations. Curious and impulsive, Brice is interested in everything and always looking for first place. Although his extrovert side is the first thing one notices at home, Brice is also shy. He happens to be secretive and withdrawn, but "chase the natural, he comes back at a gallop": his hyperactivity always takes over. At school, Brice must be registered in clubs or sports activities. These will help him channel his overflow of energy and flourish fully.



His party :

The Brices are celebrated on November 13th.

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