The birth bonus, how does it work?

Did you just learn that you were pregnant or going to adopt? To equip you and prepare you for the arrival of your baby, you are entitled to the birth bonus. How to touch it? We tell you everything!

  • The birth bonus of the childcare benefit (Paje) is a means-tested premium to prepare for the child's arrival. It aims to meet the expenses related to the arrival of a child. It is paid once after the birth of your child, before the end of his second month.

Conditions of attribution:

  • Whatever your nationality, you must reside in France and fulfill the conditions of rights to stay if you are a citizen of the European Union or Switzerland, or provide the Caf a valid residence permit if you are a foreigner not a national of the European Union.
  • You must have passed the first prenatal examination (before the end of the third month of pregnancy). With the help of your vital card, the doctor or midwife practicing this examination will complete your pregnancy report online and give you a document entitled "First prenatal examination" which will allow you to declare your pregnancy with your Caisse d 'enfance. family allowances and your primary health insurance fund. These 2 organisms must be notified within the first 14 weeks of your pregnancy.
  • Its amount: for children born on or after April 1, 2018, the amount up to 31 March 2020 is € 941.67 (for an unborn child, double this amount for twins, triple for triplets ...).
  • Your earnings must be below the resource limits below:
Number of childrenCouples with one activity incomeSingle parent or couple with two activity incomes
131 345 €41 425 €
237 614 €47 694 €
345 137 €55 217 €
Per additional child7 523 €7 523 €

Article updated on 12/09/2019