Name Danie - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The first name Danie is the female derivative of Daniel. It means "the judgment of God" or "God is my judge".


Danièle Lebrun is a French actress. Danielle Campbell is an American actress. Danièle Évenou is an actress of French origin.
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Danielle Steel is an American author.
The Danes are celebrated on Saint Daniel day. St. Daniel was a prophet to whom the writing of the Book of Daniel is attributed in the Bible.

His character :

Danie is a curious and friendly girl. Frank and direct, it overflows with charm. Very lively and communicative, she is comfortable in all situations. Often in a hurry, she adapts to all situations, even if she is not known for her patience. Freelance and free, Danie does not like everyday tasks, but does it quickly and as well as she can. Danie is a passionate girl who needs new interests all the time. When she undertakes activities, Danie carries them out. However, if you force her to do anything, she will be undisciplined, hating any form of constraint. In society, it is pleasant and flexible. However, it is quite difficult to change her mind because it is based on her principles and opinions. Danie is very intelligent and has a strong sense of synthesis. Despite this, she shows a great lack of confidence. To remedy this, it will have to be given attention, reassurance and encouragement in its activities.


Danielle, Danièle and Daniella.

His party :

The Danies are celebrated on July 21st.

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