Name Dawson - Meaning of thumbs

Name Dawson - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

In the Hebrew language, the name Dawson means "loved" or "darling". This family name also means "son of David".


Dawson Leery Wade is the main character of the series "Dawson's Creek".

His character :

Quiet, reserved and phlegmatic, Dawson often gives an impression of distance to people who do not know him. In reality, this boy is simple, modest and shy. He doubts his abilities and seeks above all to protect himself from the world. Once his confidence is won, he is more open. He is a serious person, honest and conscientious with great moral values. Even if he shows patience, stability and discipline, he is very often worried, insecure and pessimistic. Being introverted, he loves loneliness and superficial relationships do not interest him. Dawson does not know how to be spontaneous or demonstrative. If you are one of his friends, it is because you have managed to gain a confidence that he does not grant easily. Because of his introverted side, he tends to prefer to fend for himself. Because of this, he can be proud and proud. However, when you need him, he will always be there. With a rational mind, he demonstrates pragmatism, a great practical sense and an unwavering logic in the face of a difficult situation. In the professional field, Dawson is a great worker who is perfectionist, orderly and serious.


There is no derivative name Dawson.

His party :

There is no party for people with the name Dawson.

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