Name Diandra - Meaning of origin

Name Diandra - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from "Diantha", contraction of "Dios / Theos" and "anthos", "Diandra" translates as "celestial flower" or "flower of god".
According to Greek mythology, the favorite flower of Zeus was called "Diantha" by the local population.


American producer Diandra Douglas, her maiden name Diandra Luker, ex-wife of Michael Douglas.
The American model Diandra Forrest. She is best known as one of the few African-American albinos in the world.
The actress, model and American singer Diandra Newlin seen among others in "Dreamkiller" (2010).
Diandra Soares, model, stylist and animator of Indian origin.

His character :

The kindness and peace emanating from Diandra make her unforgettable from the first meeting. This person full of charm indeed gives off a soothing aura particularly dear to his loved ones. As a result, being in the presence of this discreet woman is truly comforting and pleasant for worried or tormented souls. Thanks to her insightful mind and her developed intuition, Diandra is also good advice. In addition, his calm temperament, his intelligence and his pragmatic side allow him to remain objective in front of the vagaries of life. It is thus a precious ally to face the difficult moments that it is daily or in the professional environment.

Courageous and persevering, Diandra is sometimes stubborn and slightly uncompromising. This temperament is more than useful in the world of work, but on a daily basis it quickly becomes difficult to bear. Intelligent and full of life, Diandra is able to recognize her assets from an early age. As parents, you will first and foremost have to learn to say no to him and stop bowing to his every whim. Although it is difficult to resist, you will have to stay firm to avoid inciting him to abuse his natural charm.


Diantha, Deandra and Dyandra.

His party :

The Diandra holiday is set for November 10th.

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