Uterine revision, what is it?

Uterine revision, what is it?

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Right after the birth of your baby, the midwife will make sure that the placenta is fully detached. It is deliverance. If incomplete, uterine revision should be performed.

  • After the birth of your baby, it remains to expel the placenta: it is the issue. Your uterus is resumed, about half an hour after birth, with a few small contractions, less painful than the previous ones. The uterine muscle retracts, the placenta comes off the uterine fundus and is expelled with the membranes.
  • The medical team ensures that the placenta is complete. if there were any fragments embedded in the wall, it could lead to hemorrhage. It is therefore necessary to recover everything by performing a uterine revision.
  • The obstetrician-midwife or midwife introduces her sterile glove into your uterus and removes that part of the placenta. The intervention lasts one to three minutes.
  • Either you will be under epidural and will feel nothing, either the anesthetist will perform an intravenous injection so that you feel nothing.

And artificial rescue?

  • It can also happen that deliverance is not done at all. In this case, beyond 30 minutes, always to avoid any risk of hemorrhage, will be practiced what is called an artificial delivery. The practitioner will take off the placenta with his hand to bring it back. Then, he will perform a uterine revision to check that nothing stays in your uterus.
  • Again, either you will be under epidural or you will have anesthesia.

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