Eutrope Meaning - Origin

Eutrope Meaning - Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This somewhat original name comes from the ancient Greek "eu-" which means "good" and "tropein" that can be translated as "to turn". Eutrope therefore refers to "the one who turns to good".


Eutrope Bouret is a French sculptor (1883-1906).
Eutrope Dupon was a French politician.

His character :

Eutrope's personality is mainly dominated by his frankness and his directness. He is thus very appreciated by his entourage. Indeed, Eutrope naturally behaves extroverted. He instinctively seeks to open himself to others to ensure his fulfillment and share his joy of living. He has a strong attachment to his independence, even if he loves contact with his family.


Europe, Eutropia, Eutropal and Eutronia.

His party :

The date of April 30 is dedicated to Eutrope.

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