The beauty case for motherhood

The beauty case for motherhood

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Once your baby is born, the family friendly tam-tam will spread the good news. After the "oh" and the "ah" uttered with wonder above the cradle ... it is to you that the eyes will turn. Our advice to be the most beautiful young mothers!

A 2-in-1 shower gel for morale

  • Your morale is in excellent shape with the arrival of baby, but he needs a little morning whip. The smart product to take to the maternity ward is the body-hair shower gel. Very soft, this two-in-one allows frequent washing without attacking. A nut of product on the body and on the hair, if you feel the courage, will allow you to attack the day in great shape. To make your choice, do not hesitate to do a little tour to the men's department, they are more willing to use this type of product.

A heavy anti-leg treatment to help you relax

  • In recent weeks, you had some problems with your legs. So that this feeling of heaviness disappears, you will have to wait a little while after your delivery. Heat, hormonal imbalances, lack of momentary physical activity do not facilitate blood circulation.
  • After taking a shower, finish with a fresh jet of water up the ankles to the top of the thighs. And to perfect this feeling of well-being, think of slipping in your kit a care antijambs heavy. These products contain plant extracts that stimulate venous circulation and relax. You have the choice between a spray, faster to apply, or a milk if you want to accompany a relaxing massage. There are also homeopathic solutions.

A deo for the freshness

  • The heat, the emotions (they will be at the rendezvous after the birth of your baby) promote perspiration. To stay fresh all day, opt for a long-lasting deodorant, with light scents so as not to inconvenience your baby. Choose it rather in stick and in mini-format.

A light care water

  • Do not bother with your usual perfume or eau de toilette. They will not necessarily taste of your baby. On the other hand, think of the water of care. Very slightly scented, it combines freshness and care. Not only does it leave a discreet wake, but it contains plant extracts that moisturize, soften and tone your skin. You will use it in the morning after spraying and during the day in relaxing friction if you have a little pump stroke.

A cleansing lotion

  • To clean your skin, even if you do not wear makeup, use a cleansing lotion, less aggressive than water. Smooth as a milk, fresh as a tonic, the lotion cleans with a single gesture the face and eyes. Apply it with your fingers (a cotton pad absorbs the watery phase that could no longer play its toning role) in light circular massage and eliminate it with a tissue or cotton to remove make-up. No need to rinse with water. Non-greasy, it leaves your skin perfectly clean and fresh in the blink of an eye.

A mist of mineral water

  • In the delivery room, you may have already appreciated the pleasant fresh air of your mineral water mist ... on your face, your lips and even your mouth (since you did not have the right to to drink). He will continue to render you great service. In the nursery rooms, summer and winter, there is a gentle warmth to prevent your baby from experiencing thermoregulation problems. Happy precaution, but which dries your skin terribly. (Evian, Vittel, Avène, Plombières.)

A fluid and light care

  • Overheated atmosphere, hormonal upheaval ... the good irrigation of your epidermis is temporarily disordered. Your skin needs more than a shower of droplets to rehydrate. Do not smother it under a cream that is too nourishing, a fluid and light treatment will do much better. Its virtues: to bring it water that it lacks, to prevent it from evaporating and, finally, to give it a beautiful shine. Prefer a cream tube, it is more convenient and lighter to go.

A hint of makeup

On the makeup side, do not overdo it. As maternity lighting is far removed from the sunlights of a photo studio, use a light make-up that will highlight all the happiness you have in your heart.

  • Presented in a case with mirror and sponge-applicator incorporated, the "compact" acts as both a foundation and loose powder. It gently unifies the complexion, removing any small redness or imperfections while mattifying with a single gesture. The right technique to apply it: press without rubbing the dry sponge impregnated with foundation over the entire middle part of your face (forehead to chin). Then, with the other side of the sponge, smooth to the cheeks and neck.
  • You will illuminate this base by putting a little blush or blush on your cheekbones. Apply with a large round brush from the top of the ear to the wings of the nose. Have a light hand to start, even if you want to give it a second time.
  • Finally, give tenderness to your smile, applying on your lips a soft shade or, even better, a lip gloss. Very slightly tinted, it will subtly enhance the natural color of your lips. Apply with fingertips or with a brush.

A dry shampoo

  • You do not have the courage to wash, dry and brusher your hair. Use dry shampoo: it will do very well. You spray, leave for two minutes, then brush. It absorbs excess oil and restores volume and lightness.
  • And little trick if your hair is "raplapla": give them re-spell by wrapping them in ribbons or light muslin scarves, bars that raise your locks, darlings that go back in ponytail or bun .

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