Name Gladis - Meaning and origin

Name Gladis - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Celts

Meaning of the name:

Of Celtic origin, the name Gladis refers to the wealth (Celtic glad ) and the character of a chef (from Welsh Gwlad ). Thus, he represents the one who directs a vast territory. By extension, it translates as "the one who rules over space".


There are no celebrities wearing the name Gladis. However, its Gladys variant is well known in France. Famous Gladys include the eponymous French photographer, actress Gladys Cohen, actress Gladys Cooper and singer Gladys Knight.

The Welsh Queen Sainte Gladys (around the 5th century) was the mother of the great evangelist Saint-Cadoc. After the death of her husband, Sainte Gladys lived as a hermit.

His character :

Gladis is friendly, sociable and charming. With her innate sense of communication, she integrates easily into a group. Independent and impulsive, Gladis is sometimes authoritarian. Person of character, she does not tolerate constraints and loves adventure and discoveries. Passionate, Gladis is often hyperactive.


Gwladys, Gladdie, Glad and Gleda.

His party :

The Gladis celebrate on March 29th.

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