Your child 3-5 years

Recreation Center ? He will love!

Recreation Center ? He will love!

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He's bored during the holidays? The solution ... is the recreation center. Great to have fun and make friends!

Most leisure centers or CLSH (Recreation Center without accommodation) welcome children from 4 years and meet them by age groups. A fulfilling experience to enjoy your holidays.

A "school" of life

  • All day longqualified animators offer manual, sports and cultural activities adapted to the rhythm and age of each one.
  • Your child will have fun while learning to respect the guidelines of group life. It is a positive learning that promotes the development of personality, allows the child to build benchmarks and discover new horizons.
  • He will play with others, to make friends, in short to socialize in a different context of the school. It is a plus for his development, his sociability.
  • Discover, create, play.... The activities offered are varied. They depend on the weather, the environment and the skills of the facilitators. Your child will be able to play sports, paint, etc. You can get the animation schedules prepared in advance by the team and choose with him what makes him want.

Safe supervision for each recreation center

  • The animators are at least Bafa graduates (Certificate of Qualification to the functions of animator). Their training gave them skills in pedagogy, management and animation of a group of children. Before the holidays, they write an educational project that guides the choice of activities.
  • At the beginning and end of the daythey will welcome you to answer all your questions. Enjoy!

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